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Mission Statement

Waverley Drug and Alcohol Centre is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that works with and supports people who are struggling with alcohol and other drug issues.

Vision Statement

Waverley Drug and Alcohol Centre aims to support people with drug and/or alcohol issues in a safe and nurturing environment, with an emphasis on change towards a healthier future and a life worth living.

Waverley Drug and Alcohol Centre
74 Newland Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Phone: 02 9387 6788
Fax: 02 9387 6733

The services we offer include:

•     Professional Counselling

•     Assessment and Referral

•     Information and Education

•     Group Programs

•     Lifestyle Skills

•     Stress Management

•     SMART Recovery Groups

If you answer YES to any of the following, you may have an alcohol or other drug problem:

We run two weekly SMART Recovery Groups, one weekly SMARTWALK (see Services page for more information).

We offer confidential assessment, short-to-medium term professional counselling and referral services in a supportive environment to people whose main concern is related to alcohol and/or other drugs.

All of our counsellors have extensive experience in the drug and alcohol field.

•    Health problems
(e.g. blackouts, hangovers, unsafe needle-using practices, liver damage)

•    Relationship problems
(e.g. aggressive behaviour, isolation, conflict, separation)

•     Work-related problems
      (e.g. sickness, dismissal, poor performance)

•     Financial problems
      (e.g. loss of employment, debts, inability to plan, gambling)

•     Legal problems
      (e.g. drink-driving, assault, possession of illicit drugs, domestic violence)

•     Dependence and withdrawals
      (e.g. compulsion to use drugs, anxiety, agitation, sweats, depression)

•     Unsafe use of alcohol or other drugs
      (e.g. drinking above the recommended levels, sharing needles, overdoses, risk-taking behaviour)

Who can benefit?

•    Our services are designed as a non-residential option for people living and/or working in the Waverley and surrounding areas.

•     We provide assistance to family members and/or significant others affected by someone elses alcohol and/or other drug use.

Waverley Drug and Alcohol Centre is a not-for-profit, non-Government organisation providing assessment, counselling and a referral service for the local community.

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